Saturday, August 23, 2014

Guess What Was Under Half Price This Week?

Yes, $1.84 instead of $3.70 per can...I bought rather a lot!

What Excites My Senses

Back in the day I would be so excited if someone gave me, say, a dress or lipstick or something girly. These days I get a huge thrill about receiving something useful..utilitarian...Yesterday I was given a day old newspaper and a car boot full of kindling and I was in's funny how things change isn't it?

Check HERE to see a list of items people have given me over the last year...lucky aren't I?

Friday, August 22, 2014

Town Is Not The Place For Me

I really hate going into town. I avoid it at all costs, but sometimes it is unavoidable. Like today, I have to go into town for an ultrasound. No I'm not pregnant, it's on a more mundane area of my anatomy.

If I have to do town based activities I try to shop in the suburbs, supermarket shopping for example. But today I had cause to go into my bank and no amount of heeing and hawing could prevent that.

On a positive note I had cause to open a new utility bank account. For some time now I have put an amount into an account so I have money there for bills when the pop up but I want a separate one so I can keep a better, clearer eye on what goes out towards bills. Not knowing where my money has gone/goes has been one of my main issues in the past and it simply isn't that way anymore. I document everything in my little book, but I still need to see how the bills work in and out of my account separate from everything else.

How do you keep tabs on your money?

Food Glorious Food!

A Use For Everything Except Perhaps The Balloons
The biggest quandary I have when cutting down is in the area of food. Our family have a healthy food budget (I think) and I read the weekly catalogues online, I look for specials, I shop at varied times and at the stores when I know they have specials and I still come home, money spent and wondering where it all went.

I still wonder what the heck to make for tea.

I guess comparatively, compared to the dark days of thoughtless spending I do spend less, but even so I can not seem to spend more cleverly. I have cut takeaway spending as well as junky sweets spending,but when it comes to the supermarket..I am confused.

Items like tomatoes vary from 3.99- 10-99 a kilo!
Chicken (if you eat it- free range) 18.99 a kilo!
A bag of reduced lettuce is still 3.00

I don't know how to bring the shopping down in cost and have food people in the house will eat!

Any suggestions please readers!?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sharing Good Stuff

Oh Be Still my Beating Heart

Whilst I don't want my blog to be just a set of links, when I come across really special ones I think it is my duty to share.

So I am sharing...I am so excited when I find ones that teach me stuff.