Thursday, July 24, 2014

23/365 The Most Frugal Person Award Is Not Yet Ready To Be Mine!!!

In my own little world I would love to be the most frugal person alive. I am not sure why, but I think it is to do with the challenge of reinventing past behaviours to such an extent that I can truly say I have swung a full 180.

At the moment I believe I have swung maybe a full 45 degrees. Hey it's a quarter of the way there. But what I need to keep at the forefront of my mind is the other 135 degrees I still want to travel.

I am still too close to being one purchase away from falling back to old buying ways. Like a reformed alcoholic, I am still a big spender who is that one purchase away from falling back down the hole of wasted money.

I resent this, but accept that it will make me a stronger person for all the hard work and focus it takes to change forever. I want to be the person who uses everything up, who wears things out and who doesn't lose focus at the sight of one pair of beautifully crafted leather knee high boots.

The last few months have taught me that a blip in my life is all I need to go back to parting, quite randomly with my hard-earned money.

But it hasn't felt good. It has felt horribly and nastily revolting. I am under control again, damn glad of it.

And just for today, I will not spend (on unnecessary crap at least).

22/365 Clearing Closet Clutter

I am trying to eliminate 2 items of clothing per day. Sometimes (like today) it is five pieces and other days I completely forget. But my aim is to find an average of about 2 pieces a day.

I mentioned a little while back that I was utilising Ebay. I do find this method very hit and miss and many items, because of postage costs, even when set at a low price really are more trouble than they are worth to sell. To send one dress for example costs $8.40, over that it is $13.40 and then over 3 kilograms is $16+. Because of this for buyers buying a 'bargain' at say $10, the item is no longer a bargain with an extra $8 shoved on top. So as someone wishing to sell items, I find you have to try to sell bigger ticket items to make it worth everyone's while. If you sell under $10 then not only do you give Ebay $1 but then you have to take paypal's cut too, so you end up faffing about as a seller for not a lot of recompense.

If I am only going to make $5, I would rather donate an item to a charity shop.

I know lots of $5 amounts do add up. But I also think it is important to help others too and quite honestly it is far simpler to offload to the Salvation Army.

But selling or donating aside I am culling daily and I will endeavour to showcase a few of my offloads. I am getting rid of the two coats above  (both of which I like) because the camouflage coat doesn't keep me warm and I have a similar one already and the leather one, which I love, is too wide for my narrow shoulders and I look like grid-iron player in it.

Do you sell on Ebay or elsewhere? How is it working out for you?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

20/365 My Best Money Saving Tip Number One

Use what you have folks!
Recently someone asked me what my best money saving tips were and I simply have to re-iterate my most favourite and meaningful tips with you. There's nothing new here, but damn it they work! Here is my favourite and my best!

1. Cut up the credit cards. Don't even have one for safety they are just too tempting. Don't learn the numbers and dates on your cards, you don't want to use them online either. Just eradicate them full stop! Make sure the only card you do have is a Visa debit (type) card which can only be used IF YOU HAVE REAL MONEY in your account. I tell you, you will be less inclined to use it when real money has to be spent for it to be used.

Burning my credit cards truly was the best thing I ever did. My whole mindset changed. Knowing I was spending my actual money made me a damn site more careful with how I let it be used. Some people say keep a credit card for emergencies and that might work for them. But not for me. In my mind, keeping one for emergencies is tantamount to a 'get out of jail free' card. It means you don't really have to learn to rely on yourself because if you stuff up the card will 'save ' you. For me that just doesn't work

So you earn points and prizes with some cards. Having to spend a bazillion dollars to obtain a $20 gift voucher just isn't worth it for me.

Not having cards has literally changed my life for the better. This is the best advice I could ever give from my point of view.

Monday, July 21, 2014

19/365 Setting Myself A Tighter Challenge

First Day Back at Work
Brr it's cold, ice on the car and leaping from bed to shower to living room to get dressed, yep back at work! Yay!

I am setting myself a new challenge for the next six months, nothing too different to my other challenges, but just a little more focused and severe in exactly what and how. As I have mentioned a few times before, I have finally learnt how to manage my money a little more sensibly (finally!) This doesn't mean I don't have slipetty slip-slips from time to time, but I am a little more sensible in my spending, but there is always room for improvement.

So my latest challenge is to save over half of my fortnightly pay to begin with, still pay my bills and not buy anything unless it is totally needed. More specifically this relates to things like shampoos and cleaning type items. I often stock up when I see it on special at the supermarket, thinking it is such a good price. irrespective of the fact that things of a personal hygiene nature go on special frequently so I don't need to stockpile. I can only buy things when the other items I already have RUN OUT!!! When the shampoo container is EMPTY!

I am not going to buy takeout except for Wednesday (drama night) and once the money I have remaining is gone, it is gone. When I find that I can save over half my pay then I am going to up the percentage to see exactly how much I can save and still have the skeleton pay to cover essentials.

No, I am not mentioning numbers, that's secret to me....BUT I will report back with my findings. Now, enjoy some frosty morning pictures I took, though they don't look quite as white and frosty as it was in reality. My camera isn't that good!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

18/365 Bruce, Louis, Toni and Louise

So I am busy telling you of the books I can get rid of, I thought I would show you a few I am not able to part company with. Ones that add something to my life anytime I look at them. Ones that no matter how many times I peruse my shelf, I look over and say a firm " stay where you are" to. But then again, that is minimalism isn't it? For me, anyway.  Keeping what  is essential to you, ridding yourself of the superfluous.

What books can't you live without?